Anonymous: Is there any sort of art tip or trick that you have figured out and really want to tell somebody or really wish somebody had told you?


put rim lighting on absolutely everything

Don't Call Yourself a Weeaboo


A Guide on the Word “Weeaboo”

Hello, you may be wondering why I have the text “If you’re not East Asian and call youself a weeaboo, don’t follow me” in my side bar. Here are a few quick disclaimers:

  • I am well aware that many people do it, especially in anime-related…


My younger cousin just told me everyone in the tag who is 20+ should be considered the Old Ones.

I was like, “so me, Newt, and sacred-shine? who else? bc if it’s just us three i’ll be hella sad since i’m the youngest of that trio.”

Eltag makes me feel like a fossil.


Looks like I can be a fulltime pizzaman tossing pizza seekers all over the restaurant in 2 weeks time, kuku~


Next patch *^*

All Chibi

ルーベン町 (Ruben Village) by ローちゃん

町 (Machi) itself is actually means town/city. But Ruben is a village so…
I drew the other two so might as well do the last one.